Monsoon is the best time for an Ayurveda Treatment


In Ayurveda, the monsoon season from mid-June to mid-August is referred to as the Varsha Rithu or the Rainy period. Traditionally, this is the right time to take a treatment in Ayurveda ,as the climate is suitable for treatments like Abhyangam, Ilakkizhi(Patrasweda), Podikkizhi (Choornasweda) , Panchakarma , Udvarthanam (Herbal powder massage) , Navarakkizhi , Ksheeradhara , Thakradhara and Pizhichil for any kind of ailments and the flora and fauna are abundantly available for any kind of Ayurveda treatment in monsoon. Ayurveda has always been a highlight of the promotions from Kerala tourism department to attract tourists for Monsoon Tourism in Kerala.

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Watch Dancing of the Peacocks in Monsoons


Peacock dancing is something unique that you can experience only in Monsoons. When the army of clouds covers the sun trying to claim the victory of the rains over sunlight , the peacocks proclaims this victory with their shrill paeans and dance of triumph with their lovely tails spread out to create a glorious spectacle.See the video below to watch a peacock dance which is usually seen in the monsoon months before the pea hen mates with the peacock. Mayiladumpara which is a tourist spot in Nelliampathy is an ideal places to watch peacock dance and this is a great experience for anyone planning for honeymoon in Kerala

Waterfalls are at the majestic best during Monsoon Tourism in Kerala


Kerala is well known for the majestic and soothing charm of its gorgeous high rise waterfalls that gurgles down the mountain side from Athirappilly , Vazhachal, Cheeyapara, Tusharagiri , Soochipara etc and each of these waterfalls will be in its majestic best in monsoon season providing the highlight of the monsoon tourism. In monsoon you will see waterfalls on your way to Munnar and everywhere in tourist destinations like Wayanad and Thekkady and yu can enjoy the swiftly flowing muddy waters and the green bushes along the waterfalls.

Driving Holiday is a good way to enjoy Monsoon Tourism in Kerala


The washed streets and the fresh leaves seem to smile with you when you go for a driving holiday in monsoon season in Kerala. Self driving tours are becoming popular in Kerala during the monsoon season and that is for you if you enjoy traveling without a fixed plan knowing very well in advance that accommodation will be available in plenty at off season rates all over Kerala during the monsoon tourism season.

Monsoon Tourism has Off season rates without crowds in Kerala


An increasing number of tourists are coming to Kerala during the months of monsoon tourism which is the offseason in Kerala to enjoy rains and cold comfortable climate when the heat from the sun is not so intense. If you like less crowded destinations for your holidays then monsoon is an ideal time to visit Kerala as the rates will be at the lowest possible slabs and rooms will be readily available in popular tourist destinations in Kerala.

Watching rains from verandah with a cup of tea in hand is possible only in Monsoosns in Kerala


Walking in the rains with an umbrella to protect you is an experience that many people not many cherish. However lying back on a planter’s chair on a verandah, overlooking plants and trees, with the rains splashing down on the roof with a good book to read will be a total relaxation experience in Kerala. It is cool and soothing when you try to experience the spray from the rain on your face. The experience is surreal and unforgettable to say the least.

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